In 2019, Homesite Underwriting Managers LLC, the Programs Division of Homesite, was launched by industry veterans with years of Programs experience. We are seeking to partner with market leading MGAs to form long term, mutually-beneficial relationships. As a company that was built on strategic partnerships, we understand the value and expertise that both sides provide.


Financial Strength - "A" rated paper by A.M. Best, Homesite is backed by the financial strength of American Family.

Geographic Footprint - Admitted and Non-admitted paper in all 50 states.

Broad Risk Appetite - Homesite is able to serve a broad spectrum of the marketplace.

Underwriting Expertise - Sophistication and precision are part of our DNA.

What are we looking for

Experience - program administrators with at least a 5-year proven track record of excellence.

Scalable Opportunities - the ability to grow $10-$20M within the first year.

Performance - long-term, profitable underwriting history.

Product/Underwriting Expertise - unique program knowledge and geographic-specific competence.

Distribution - established sales partnerships with well-regarded wholesalers and brokers.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding Homesite Underwriting Managers, please contact us at
Grace Meek President & CEO
Claudia Carnevale Chief Risk Officer
Carl Lythcott Chief Casualty Officer