Welcome Home / Home Purchase Discount
As our way of congratulating you on the purchase of your home, you could receive a discount when you buy a new home.


Moving In Discount
We appreciate your continued business and want to congratulate you on your new home purchase. You could receive a discount when you switch from a Homesite renters or condo policy to a Homesite homeowners policy.


Drive Home / Affinity Discount
We're happy to help with all of your insurance needs. If you bundle your home and auto policies together, you could receive a 10% discount.


Gets Better With Age / Retired Occupant Discount
If you're above a certain age or retired, you could receive a discount. Depending on your area, availability and eligibility requirements may vary. Check with us to see if you qualify.


Safety First / Premises Alarm or Fire Protection System Discount
We like that you value home safety as much as we do. If you have central monitored or direct line fire or burglar alarms - or if you have sprinklers in every room of your home, you could receive a discount.


Roof it Over / Age of Roof Discount
When your roof is less than 10 years old or you decide to purchase a new roof make sure to let us know, you may qualify for a discount on your homeowners insurance premium.


New Construction / Age of Home Discount
New homes have the benefit of advances in building technology and are less likely to have a claim. We understand this and offer a discount based on the age of your home.


Better Together
Now you can save on those endorsements that you would have purchased anyway. Homesite offers two endorsement package options that cost less than if you bought the endorsements by themselves.


*Availability and eligibility requirements vary by state, policy terms and underwriting company. Discounts will be automatically applied based on your eligibility.


This information is provided for your convenience and is not intended as insurance advice. The views, opinions, and advice expressed in this article do not represent those of Homesite Group Incorporated. Please consult your insurance carrier or agent for information regarding your policy or coverages.