Protect your family’s future.

Rest easy knowing that your kids, spouse and loved ones will have some financial protection if you were to pass away (with Life Insurance underwritten by American Family Life Insurance Company.)

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Which life insurance is right for me?

Term Life Insurance Low cost coverage

Term life insurance offers protection for a set period of time — for instance, 20 years. During the set time frame of your policy, premiums and coverage amounts do not change. While people of most ages can benefit from term life insurance, it’s often popular among people seeking a low-cost option to cover their family’s needs if they were to pass away.

SimplyProtected Term Life Insurance

Renewable Term Life Insurance

SimplyProtected Term Life Insurance gives you a quick, easy, and reasonably priced way to start building a financial safety net for those who depend on you. SimplyProtected Term Life Insurance is advantageous for many age groups, and tends to be popular among younger customers and those looking for a simplified issue process for their life insurance policy.

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